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Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputations are the perceptions that internal and external stakeholders have of your organization. Your stakeholders may include shareholders, investors, customers, potential customers, and employees.


Key drivers of corporate reputation include:

  • Emotional Appeal

  • Products and Services

  • Vision and Leadership

  • Workplace Environment

  • Financial Performance

  • Social Responsibility

Our research can help you manage your company’s reputation in ways that illustrate your strengths, analyze risks, and map your performance. The research can also provide a comparison of reputation both within and across industries.


Reputation Strategy

Our Approach


We know your business is unique, so we tailor our reputation model based on your input. Our focus in this phase is to gain an understanding of your business environment and establish guiding principles for managing your reputation.



Leveraging our reputation framework, we develop a custom survey tool specific to your needs. We then invite multiple stakeholder groups such as the general public, media, investors, government, etc. to share their opinions and help shape the business environment around them.  



Advanced analytic techniques are used to identify the key drivers of your reputation, and how you perform on those drivers vs. your competitors. A second round of analysis is conducted to measure the impact of your reputation on the desired behaviors of your key stakeholder groups. 



Develop reputation platform to serve as north-star for communications efforts


Partner with cross-functional leads to identify programs to achieve business outcomes


Determine goals to track on-going effectiveness of reputation-building programs

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